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New project! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat girls party course ... 2800 yen (7 items in total)

New project! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat girls party course ... 2800 yen (7 items in total)

By using a coupon2800 yen

Cancellation from being visited on the day may be charged.

  • 7items
  • 224persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes All-you-can-drink (30 minutes before LO) * ★ Mark is 1 person + 1000 yen

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

On the day OK! Talkative girls' association, friends' drinking party etc Girls' talk surrounds pots and gem dishes from red Let's get excited.Recommended for the alumni association with friends who match for the first time in a while, Recommended for "Nai sho talk meeting" such as "Nope, listen!" ※ Men's customers only can not use it.

Course menu

· Recommended salad

·French fries

- Deep-fried chicken

·Korean pancake

· [Red to Nabe] You can adjust your favorite hotness from 0 to 10!

Pasture (pork rose, tsukune, hormone)

There is a vegetable prime (Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, white onions, chives, beans, fried).

· Selectable items

(You can choose from Cheese Risotto, Ramen, Kishimen, Rice Cake)

- Today's dessert

* It may be changed by purchase

All-you-can-drink menu

· Non alcoholic cocktail ♪
· Strawberry meat (strawberry + milk + cut strawberries) · Calcook (Calpico + Cola), Clear grape (Kyoho + Soda), Murasaki (Gianto + Calpis), Pitchi Pitchch Peach (Peach Juice, + Collagen)
· Non alcoholic cocktail ♪
· Saratoga cooler (lime + ginger ale), pink breath (cassis + grapefruit), hydrangea (cassis + milk), nonal cassised soda, nonarcasis orange
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea (ice · hot), green tea (ice · hot), Calpis, cola, ginger ale, orange, grapefruit, melon soda
· ★ beer
· Draft beer · non alcoholic beer
· ★ High Ball · ★ Chu Hai
· High Bowl, Lime High Ball, Coke High Ball, Ginger High Ball, Grapefruit Hai, Cassis Hye, Lemon High, Giant Peak High, Lime High, Oolong Hai, Calp High, Green Tea High
· ★ fruit wine
· Apricot sake, grapefruit sake, giant sake, cider, plum wine
· ★ shochu
- Wheat, potato
· ★ sake
- Hot sake, cold sake
· ★ cocktail
· Cassis Orange, Cassis Oolong, Cassis Grapefruit, Cassis Milk, Cassis Soda, Fazy Neck, Peach Oolong, Peach Grapefruit, Peach Milk, Peach Soda, Lychee Orange, Lychee Soda, Lychee Grapefruit, Screwdriver, Giant Finger Calpis, Bulldog, Ringo Calpis, Moscow

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